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Vanishing Point

June 21, 2009

Because I am the Sister-in-Law and keeper of the blog, I can take certain liberty’s with what’s posted and how it’s presented.  Some years back, there was a remake done of the movie ‘Vanishing Point’, you remember…it had huge chase scenes using Challengers and Chargers with souped up hemi motors and stuff.  Well, the remake starred Viggo Mortensen (before he became famous) and Christine Elise, I believe.  At any rate, a portion of that remake was filmed at the mine in Arizona that Hershel manages.  AND…when the producers found out who he was, they put him in the movie!!  He plays an officer in hot pursuit of Viggo during a chase scene through the concentrator building at the mine – which we called the ‘obstacle course’ because Hersh would drive like a mad man very fast in this old ford  in, through, up, down and around these very tight, very dark tunnels to amuse himself and to scare the bejeszers out of us!  At any rate, I was able to isolate and record that scene and upload it to u-tube and to here.  Check the video tab for a roaring great laugh!  He drives one of the cop cars in the scene, but notably, at the end of the clip they filmed him crashing into the rear of another car causing the air bag to deploy and his face smashes into the air bag.  It’s all quite hilarious!!  Go watch for a good laugh!    😉

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  1. Gary Faules permalink
    June 23, 2009 3:51 am

    How cool is THAT! Not only did I enjoy the original Vanishing Point when it came out but I also enjoyed the remake that Hershel was in and now that I know Hershel was in it I am going to pick it up for my personal stock and watch it again. Steve McQueen had nothing on Hershel. LOL

    In the mean time here is wishing you a safe trip up to Portland and much success. Amazing when you think about it… Portland is where it all began when Hershel borrowed the family car and entered a local oval track race. I guess you could say Hershel has gone full circle, no pun intended. What am amazing journey his life has been.

    You know what they say about us Oregon country boys… We don’t tan… We rust. The problem with that is, Hershel never sat still long enough to rust.

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